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Developed in our in-house laboratory, made for “eternity”: The unbreakable eyewear from gloryfy combines unique technology with an awareness for sustainability.

Rather than the current motto of “faster, higher, better”, we attach importance to valuing people and the environment, and take responsibility for both. These values find reflection in our gloryfy unbreakable eyewear. Shopping with awareness meets with long-lasting quality products that are made in Austria.

A pair of gloryfy unbreakable glasses is a lasting and loyal companion for life.

We aspire to create a product for life which the customer is able to enjoy for a long time. Thanks to our patented specialist plastic NBFX, we have succeeded in creating durable eye-catching products combined with unique technology. We want to give people the feel-good factor. The product that you wear so close to your eyes should never be a short-lived disposable product. It should, on the contrary, be something that you can rely on and wear with a clear conscience. We do not make disposable products that are “Made in Asia”, but stylish, technically-refined high quality products that are “Made in Austria” and which give pleasure for a lifetime.

During our production process, we recycle 83% of all our primary materials.

A sustainable production process encompasses the consistent questioning of one’s actions, active discussions with trading partners and the continuous optimisation of the ecological footprint. Over the last three years, we have succeeded in recycling 83% of the primary materials we process. We will continue to improve on this figure in the future. One of the key steps for creating a sustainable and profitable business has been the consolidation of all our company processes at a single location with 3,500 m2 of space. It goes without saying that we comply with the strict regulations during our production processes, such as the REACH regulations of the European Union.

sustainable production

technically refined, high-quality products

gloryfy x teamwork

Our aspiration: a good product combined with a good feeling which is MADE IN AUSTRIA.

A piece of history. Characterised by the experiences of the wearers, yet fully functional. Our glasses are ready for any adventure, and for a lifetime.

Made in Austria
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Safe payment
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